Personal injury claims low

August 16, 2012, 10:50 AM GMT+0

1 in 4 Brits have had personal injury in last five years but report shows claim marketing ineffective

A recent report by YouGov SixthSense has found that over a quarter of UK adults have suffered some form of personal injury or accident in the last five years, with the largest group being road traffic accidents.

  • 27% of UK adults say they have suffered some form of personal injury or accident in the past five years
  • 16% of these were involved in road traffic accidents
  • Most injuries are moderate with over a third (36%) saying they had suffered soft tissue damage
  • This is over twice the amount of the second most frequent injury – fractures (14%)

Compensation claims not common

Seeking compensation for personal injury is not widespread, with only one in five (20%) of those suffering personal injury or an accident having made a claim. The overwhelming majority have not done so, with the main reason given for not pursuing a claim being that the injury was not bad enough.

  • Over a third (37%) said the injury wasn't bad enough
  • While over a quarter (28%) said that they did not believe in claiming compensation
  • Almost seven out of ten adults (67%) have been approached in the last 12 months and encouraged to make a claim through various marketing channels, but under one in three (30%) are actually capable of making a claim (i.e. have been involved in an accident or sustained an injury)

Personal claim marketing having little impact

Only 5% of adults contacted by marketing state that it actively encouraged them to make a claim.

  • Although 18% of those making and completing a claim (who had been contacted), were persuaded to make a claim, this translates into 14% of all adults making and completing a claim (whether contacted or not)
  • This means that for all adults, only 1% made and completed a claim after being encouraged to do so by marketing about personal injury

Commenting on the findings YouGov SixthSense Research Director James McCoy said that “Unsolicited texts, phone calls and emails are the prime weapons used by personal injury marketers and it seems from the ratio of potential claimants to total contacts that little pre-screening takes place to hone the effectiveness of the communications.

"The data clearly demonstrates that the largely wasteful nature of the marketing is having very little impact on people’s decisions whether to claim," he said.

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