Women more likely to own city cars

July 31, 2012, 3:25 PM GMT+0

Recent research has found that women are more likely to own a city car

An online survey hosted by YouGov found that among UK car owners, three fifths of women currently own a city car versus only two fifths of men.

  • 60% of women own a city car versus 42% of men
  • Of those who own a city car, women are more likely to have made this choice independently (57% versus 48% of men whereas male owners are more likely to have involved their partners (45% versus 36% of women)
  • Ford and Hyundai are the two leading brands among city car owners, with 13% and 11% respectively.

City car owners/users were also asked about the reasons behind why they would purchase another similar vehicle: the majority (58%) say that their reason is to get a newer vehicle. However, a close second to this (50%) is the demand to buy a car that is able to save them money. Two other important factors cited were: the green credentials that a city cars offer (34%), and the demand for a better-performing car than already owned (23%).

Among all UK car owners, interest in city cars remains relatively low: just over a fifth (23%) say that they were very likely or somewhat likely to buy a city car in the coming two years, with the majority, 57%, saying this was somewhat or very unlikely.

Commenting on the findings YouGov SixthSense Research Director James McCoy said: “Such findings illustrate the competition that city cars face compared to vehicles in other categories of the car market, and how manufacturers and dealers need to fully exploit those groups who have a much higher level of interest in such vehicles.”

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