Energy profits: consumers not happy

April 12, 2012, 8:53 AM GMT+0

UK consumers discontent: 84% agree that energy suppliers maximise profits at expense of customers

Recent research from a report by YouGov SixthSense has found that over eight in ten (84%) UK consumers agree that energy suppliers maximise profits at the expense of customers. And over half of consumers (59%) agree with the statement ‘energy suppliers treat people with contempt’.

  • In reaction to the February 2012 price cuts, 56% of UK consumers agreed with the statement ‘It’s about time – the energy companies make too much profit'
  • Compared to only 12% of consumers who are very relieved that their bills will drop
  • 16% of consumers feel it will not make real difference as the drop is too small to have any real impact
  • However, one in five consumers (22%) say they have difficulty paying their energy bills, just under a third of UK consumer (31%) have made cutbacks to pay their bills and over a third (34%) say that their house feels cold

Commenting on the findings YouGov SixthSense Research Director James McCoy says: ‘The strength and negativity of feeling regarding the energy companies’ profits is clearly demonstrated. The findings suggest that many people are more outraged by the profits being made than by their actual energy bill.’

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