Catalogues beat online shopping

February 28, 2012, 5:55 PM GMT+0

Shopping catalogues remain prevalent amongst consumers in the UK retail market

Recent online research from YouGov suggests that, despite the popularity of online shopping, the shopping catalogue remains a firm favourite with shoppers as almost a quarter (24%) of UK consumers have ordered an item direct from a company having browsed a printed catalogue in the past 12 months. In the same period, 13% of consumers ordered an item from an agent having browsed a printed catalogue delivered to their home.

The research also reveals that over a quarter (27%) of those who buy from shopping catalogues use three channels to complete their purchase:

  • A catalogue to browse
  • Online to order
  • A store to collect the item from

Almost eight out of ten (77%) internet users who buy from shopping catalogues go on to order catalogue products via the internet for direct home delivery. Meanwhile, over a quarter (27%) has ordered catalogue products over the internet to be delivered to a local store.

Commenting on the findings from the report James McCoy, Research Director for YouGov SixthSense, said ‘In a world where online shopping continues to grow unabated, the key issue for retailers still using printed catalogues is whether continued investment in this channel is warranted - retailers have to think in cross-channel as well as multi-channel ways in order to satisfy shopper needs. This report highlights the newly evolved role of the catalogue, moving from its original mail-order purpose to one that sees it act as a catalyst for online sales.’

YouGov Catalogues and Mail Order Shopping report. Total sample size was 2108 UK adults aged 16+ who shop from home. Fieldwork was undertaken 28th – 30th November 2011.

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