Who are the key voter targets for the Green Party?

Connor IbbetsonData Journalist
November 12, 2019, 4:57 PM GMT+0

Targeting younger voters could bolster Green Party ranks as 18 to 24 year olds voice biggest concern for the environment

As the Green Party launches its campaign for the 2019 general election a targeted focus towards young people could see help the Greens edge ahead of the competition. The party’s strong focus on climate change may help it win favour with younger Brits voicing concern for the environment.

YouGov voting intention shows that support for the Greens among Britons aged between 18 and 24 is currently on par with both the Lib Dems and the Conservative Party. Two in five (48%) of young Britons say they intend to vote Labour, while the rest are split with around a sixth backing the Conservatives (17%), another 13% backing the Greens, and 11% supporting the Lib Dems.

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However, the Green Party could bolster their support among younger voters, as 18 to 24 year old Britons are the most likely age group to think the environment is a pressing issue for the UK.

While only a quarter (26%) of all Britons said the environment is among the top issues facing the country, two in five Britons (40%) aged 18 to 24 listed the environment as one of the primary issues in the UK.

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The only issue more concerning to young Britons was the outcome of Brexit, which 65% of young Britons placed in their top three issues. In comparison, only 17% of Britons aged over 65 listed the environment as one of the biggest issues facing the UK.

Despite this, the Green Party’s strong stance on the environment, which was recently shown to be the clearest policy of any party outside of Brexit, could sway other voters, as concern over climate continues to rise among all Britons.

The environment and climate change has been an increasingly important issue, and the importance of the topic has grown massively this year following the high profile Extinction Rebellion campaigns.

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