Most Britons saw ‘Get ready for Brexit’ ads, but haven’t read the advice

Connor IbbetsonData Journalist
October 29, 2019, 11:19 AM GMT+0

Despite £100m spent on the advertising campaign, only one in five has used the Government’s advice to help prepare themselves for Brexit

As a further Brexit delay is now guaranteed the Government has scrapped its £100m “Get ready for Brexit” advert campaign promoting its advice on how to prepare for our exit from the European Union.

Was the money will spent? While most Britons say they have seen the numerous adverts, half have not gone on to look at the advice.

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The majority of Britons (70%) have seen the adverts, which have been widely circulated as posters, radio adverts, in newspapers and online. However, only 17% of Brits say they have gone on to look at the advice on preparing for Brexit. Only one in 25 Britons (4%) say they sought out the advice themselves, but haven’t seen the adverts.

Another 19% of Britons say they haven’t seen any of the adverts at all.

Londoners are the most likely to have used the advice, with 24% seeking the help to prepare for Brexit. However, outside of the capital the ad campaign has a significantly lower visibility with members of the public.

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Those living in the North of England (27%), and the Midlands and Wales (26%) areas are more likely to not have seen the Brexit adverts compared to Londoners (15%).

Just over one in five Scots (23%) also say they haven’t seen the adverts and are also the least likely to have used the Government’s help, with just 17% saying they have looked at the advice on how to prepare for the coming exit from the European Union.

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