Feeling the chill

Hannah ThompsonYouGovLabs and UK Public Opinion Website Editor
October 11, 2011, 10:37 AM GMT+0

Over a fifth (21%) of people in the UK won’t turn on their heating until at least November, even though forecasters are predicting a particularly cold October with snow even expected in some parts of the country in the next few weeks, our poll has shown.

  • 36% said that they intend to flick the heating on in October
  • 18% will wait till November
  • 3% will hold off till December
  • While 32% said they have already switched their heating on

The same poll, for Anglian Home Improvements, reveals that more than half (51%) of those switching their heating on this winter are likely to do so later this year compared to last year due to rising energy costs.

Cutting costs

  • The poll also found that 33% of Brits are doing more around the home this year to save energy, compared to last year
  • 89% of those who are doing more to save energy this year compared to last year are doing so mainly because of rising energy costs and the rising standard of living
  • However, 37% admit to having left their TV on standby overnight
  • 36% admit to having left their lights on when not in the room
  • And 11% admit to leaving their windows and doors open when the heating’s on

Is your home energy efficient?

‘Rising energy prices are making millions of households in the country switch their heating on later this year, compared to last year,’ says Melanie McDonald, Anglian Home Improvements Head of Marketing and Communications. ‘And of those planning on switching the heating on later this year to save money, around 90% will wear warmer clothing, nearly 60% will use more blankets and just over a third will use hot water bottles to keep warm.

But, she continues, ‘If you’re still feeling the chill it could be because your home isn’t retaining its heat,’ as our poll found that while 86% of adults agree that energy efficient doors and windows are fairly or very good at saving money on household energy bills, only 42% say that they have them in their home.

McDonald advises that ‘installing energy efficient doors and windows or loft insulation can dramatically improve your home’s energy efficiency and help keep the wolf from the door a little longer - without having to crank up the heating.’

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