What makes a good PR story?

David EastburyDirector, International
July 27, 2017, 3:04 PM GMT+0

We asked people who work in the media industry what they look for in a press release

For anyone working in public relations, knowing what makes a good story is important to getting coverage and keeping clients centre-stage. We recently conducted research among people in the media industry, including journalists, to find out what makes a story more likely to grab their attention.

What they want

PRs have an arsenal of tactics to give their stories the best chance of getting coverage. Over five in six (84%) respondents surveyed said that having a truly independent and respected spokesperson adds weight to a PR story.

Furthermore, nearly three quarters (72%) believe that market research findings add power to a story. However - conditions apply: the survey showed that reach and reputation matter. 97% of respondents believe that having a robust sample is important, and 86% agree that it’s essential the figures come from a research company with a good reputation.

What they don’t

On the flip side, the use of celebrity endorsements seems to be less of a draw. Just over a third (37%) think celebrity endorsements add any weight at all.

What grabs them

People who work in the media are most likely to read a release if it is from a recognised sender (64%) or if it has a compelling subject line (68%). Related to this, almost half are also more likely to read a PR story if they have a good relationship with the communications professional sending it (43%). Over a third (36%) are also more likely to take note of the story if a well-known firm was used to provide the research.

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