British public: we will never forgive Tony Blair

May 25, 2016, 3:09 PM GMT+0

53% of Brits say they can never forgive Tony Blair – and only 8% think he did nothing wrong.

Tony Blair has admitted he “profoundly” underestimated the complexity of Middle Eastern politics and the chaos that would ensue in Iraq and the wider region following the 2003 invasion. Up to a million Iraqis are estimated to have died since the conflict began and many blame the war and subsequent instability for the rise of ISIS in the region.

New YouGov research confirms the profound lack of sympathy for the former PM, with a majority (53%) saying that they could never forgive him. Just 8% think Blair did nothing wrong, whilst 15% feel it’s time we forgave Tony Blair for his misjudgements.

Only 25% of the Labour Party supporters are in favour of forgiving the former Labour PM, demonstrating the extraordinary dismantling of the reputation of this one-time hero of the party.

YouGov research since 2003 has shown a fluctuating but steady decline in public support for the Iraq war. In polls between March and December 2013, an average of 54% of the public felt it was right to take military action against Iraq, falling to just 26% last year. The research also showed big discrepencies between the number of people that supported the war at the time, and those that claim to based on recall.

The Chilcot enquiry into the war and its aftermath is due to be released in July, following a succession of delays.

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