Final call: Scottish parliament

May 05, 2011, 6:02 PM GMT+0

Today, Scotland is voting for its next Parliament in Holyrood. In our final call poll of 1,484 Scottish Adults we predict the following results:

  • Holyrood Constituency vote: SNP 42%, Lab 35%, Con 11%, Lib Dem 8%, Oth 4%
  • Holyrood Regional vote: SNP 35%, Lab 32%, Oth 14%, Con 13%, Lib Dem 7%

Peter Kellner, YouGov President, says:

'We show the SNP narrowly ahead, by seven points in the constituency section and just three points in the regional top-up section. Allowing for margins of error and the nature of the electoral system, we would expect a close race with the SNP probably, but not certainly, ahead. However, they are likely to remain well short of an overall majority – in contrast to a YouGov survey two weeks ago which showed them much further ahead.'

Total sample size 1,484 Scottish adults, field work conducted between 2nd- 4th May 2011

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