Libya: Public opinion turning

Anthony WellsHead of European Political and Social Research
April 06, 2011, 9:07 PM GMT+0

Public opinion is starting to move against our involvement in Libya. Since bombing began, we have been asking daily whether people think it is right or not for Britain and its allies to take military action, and whether people think the intervention is going well or badly.

Opinion has shifting significantly over the last week on whether it's going well or not - a week ago 57% thought it was going well, 19% thought it was going badly. Today it is 42% going well, 34% going badly. This is now starting to reflect in the people who think it is right or wrong for us to take military action against Libya - for the first time so far our poll today showed more people (43%) thinking the military action was wrong than those in favour of it (38%).

The poll also asked about the fate of Moussa Koussa ‒ Libya's former foreign secretary and intelligence chief. Only 22% of people think he should be allowed to stay in Britain in order to help weaken the Gaddafi regime and only 7% think he should be offered immunity from prosecution in return for his help.

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