Family First: Children would treat their families if they won the lottery

Lauren NasirogluAssociate Director
January 21, 2016, 11:40 AM GMT+0

With £33 million still unclaimed from last week’s record jackpot, YouGov asked children aged 11-16 what they would do if they had the winning ticket

The findings from YouGov Children’s Omnibus revealed the generous and thoughtful outlook that children of that age seem to have, with a focus on treating their families the top priority.

Over three quarters (76%) would give some of the jackpot to their family, while 73% would take them on a holiday. Further evidence of children’s kind hearted nature is that 46% would give their friends a percentage of the money.

A significant number recognise the importance of putting money away for the future.64% of children would put their money into a savings account, while 44% would try and make some more money out of it and invest in something. This thinking increased with age, 31% of 11 year olds said they would invest in something compared to 68% of 16 year olds.

There is still of course, room for some personal touches. 58% say they would buy themselves a new set of clothes, shoes or accessories. 36% would buy a games console such as an Xbox or PlayStation. More dramatic would be the intention of 14% to buy an island, while 10% would like to say goodbye to school forever and quit.

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