Yes or no: The Welsh referendum

March 03, 2011, 11:13 PM GMT+0

The Welsh electorate are today voting in a referendum on whether or not to extend the legislative powers of the Welsh Assembly.

In our poll of 1,036 Welsh adults for ITV Wales, the result looks set for a ‘Yes’ win. 51% said they would be voting Yes (in favour of extending the Assembly’s powers), 25% said they would be voting No (against extending the Assembly’s powers). 10% said they wouldn’t vote and 14% said didn’t know.

We also asked how likely respondents are to vote in the referendum, and when taking this into account, and excluding those who said don’t know or wouldn’t vote, the share of the vote in the referendum looks to fall out as:

  • 69% to the Yes camp
  • 31% to the No camp

If the Yes vote wins, which looks very likely, Wales will gain much more power, including the ability to legislate without first having to go through Westminster. Some argue that a Yes vote will increase devolution in the UK and therefore have consequences reaching beyond Wales's borders. The results of the referendum are expected by tomorrow (Friday) as polling stations close at 10pm this evening.

See the survey details and full results here