Labour surges ahead

Anthony WellsHead of European Political and Social Research
February 03, 2011, 7:29 PM GMT+0

This morning's poll has voting intentions of Conservative 36%, Labour 44% and Liberal Democrat 9%. This is the highest Labour lead our daily polling has shown since the election, and indeed since before election-that-never-was back in 2007, when Labour briefly enjoyed double point leads during Gordon Brown's honeymoon.

Of course, all polls are subject to a margin of error so with our polls showing a Labour lead of around 5 points on average, these figures aren't necessarily any more meaningful than the narrow 2 point Labour lead one of our polls recorded this week. Both could just be the result of normal sample error. However, it is worth noting that several polls from other companies have also shown sharp increases in Labour's lead over the past week.

If repeated at a General Election on a uniform swing, these figures would give Labour a majority of almost 100 seats, though of course, in reality the next election will almost certainly be fought upon a new set of electoral boundaries that are likely to be more favourable to the Conservatives and, depending on the result of May's referendum, possibly even a new electoral system.

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