Public: Make rugby safer

Milan DinicDirector - Content Strategy and Innovation
September 26, 2015, 11:39 AM GMT+0

Majority agrees rugby rules should be changed to make the game safer, but 37% of British people believe it will damage the nature of the game

As The Ruby World Cup is underway, the investigation conducted by BBC Panorama exploring brain injuries in rugby echoed concerns from people within the sport that players are put at high risk. Scientific evidence was highlighted showing a rugby career can damage the brain long term. World Rugby's chief medical officer has told the BBC the sport's rules may have to change to reduce concussions.

First Vedict, the YouGov daily opinion sharing app (click here for details) found 41% support such changes stating they will make the game safer and better, but 37% who also back rule changes argued that will rather damage the nature of the game. One in ten said rugby rules should stay as they are.

As BBC reported, the number of registered concussions in English rugby rose by 59% in 2013-14. Facts say only one in 10 concussions result in a loss of consciousness. Post-concussion syndrome can cause depression and personality changes and may last days, weeks or months.

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