Multi-tablet households on the rise as overall penetration stalls

Over half (52%) of households with tablets now own two or more of the devices, the latest data from YouGov’s Tablet Tracker shows.

The increasing ubiquity of tablets among British consumers is shown by the fresh data from Q2 2015 that shows a fifth (20%) of household with the devices own three or more of the devices. The rise of multi-tablet households is also shown by the continuing decline in single tablet homes. In May 2011, 83% of households with tablets own one of the devices, four years later this figure has fallen to 46%.

However, YouGov’s figures suggest that while multi-device homes are on the rise, the level of tablet penetration has stalled. Although levels of ownership have increased from 3% in May 2011 to 55% in May 2015, since November 2014 the proportion of tablet-owning households has only increased by one percent.

Christine Papa of YouGov says: “The rise of the tablet is astonishing – they have gone from new product to ubiquity in five years. Although, it looks like we have reached a plateau in terms of the number of homes with the devices, the market is still growing, albeit in a different way. The real story now is about multi-tablet households. In the past two years the number of homes with three or more tablets has tripled as new devices are purchased and old devices get passed down. However, the slowdown in the growth of the overall market will be a concern to manufacturers as there is a limit to the number of tablets any household will buy.”

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Image from PA