Political party animals

April 30, 2015, 4:12 PM GMT+0

Over the past month the leaders of the political parties have become familiar faces to much of the electorate.

But as the election campaign YouGov convened a focus group of eight swing voters in Croydon for The Times to find out how they thought the seven leaders would act at a party.

The group thought that most of the main party leaders would “all be chatting away merrily to each other – they’re all friends”. However, there were a couple of notable exceptions. Firstly, they thought that Green leader Natalie Bennett would “be watering the plants” outdoors and would be “left outside in the garden”.

Likewise, Nicola Sturgeon would be marginalised – although this was because the other leaders would “be avoiding that little one from the SNP; she’d be talking about Scotland”. They also thought that Scotland’s First Minister would use the stereo to play the “bloody Scottish national anthem” as a way of “stamping her authority on the party”.

The group thought Nigel Farage would be the main focus of festivities. They thought he would have a pint in one hand and a cigarette in the other “giving it his all” and “putting two fingers up” to the other leaders. He would be a bit “nutty”, “running about with his tie around his head” and dancing to Queen’s We Will Rock You.

David Cameron, meanwhile, was seen as a “family orientated guy” who would bring his wife Samantha as his plus one, because “he loves her very dearly”. His musical tastes, however, were a touch out of step with the others and he would want to hear classical music while drinking “champagne with orange juice”

Participants thought that Ed Miliband’s musical taste would be “quite 70s” and would arrive at the party with “his new mate Russell Brand”. Nick Clegg was seen to be a “Pimms O’Clock man”, who might bring out his “Night Fever” moves.

Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood, was referred to as the “Welsh lady”. The group thought she would come to the party with her next-door neighbour and would drink tea. It was envisaged that she along with Natalie Bennett, would both head home at nine o’clock.

The results of this focus group were originally published in The Times

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