Tough on terror

December 03, 2010, 2:24 AM GMT+0

The British public is in favour of a tougher attitude towards terrorists, our data indicates, as the majority support measures that arguably safeguard the nation at the expense of human rights.

Control orders allow the Government to restrict terrorist suspects on where they can go, what items they can possess and who they can communicate with.

Breaking promises?

They can be imposed without trial and grant only limited rights of appeal. The right to impose control orders was brought in by the-then Labour government in 2005 after a long debate, and the Conservatives are said to be keen to keep them in place. For their part, the Liberal Democrats have spoken out against the orders, believing that their imposition is a breach of civil liberties. But while the Lib Dems have recently come in for much criticism for reneging on principles, our data would suggest that this is one promise the majority would be glad to see them break.

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