Voting intention analysis

December 02, 2010, 8:44 PM GMT+0

Our current voting intention figures for the Sun remain consistent with the overall pattern of vote share that we have been reporting for the past few weeks.

The Conservatives are on 41%, Labour are on 38% and the Liberal Democrats are on 11%.

We have also been tracking, since the election, the public’s perception of Government performance at reducing the budget deficit.

  • 52% consider the Government to be doing well at reducing the budget deficit
  • 32 believe them to be doing badly
  • This gives an overall positive net score of +15.

These scores have remained relatively stable since September and the Government has failed to win over people to the extent they did when the emergency budget was announced at the end of June when we reported a high overall net score of +32 (58% well to 26% badly).

There still remains, however, 12% of the public who say they don’t know how the Government is doing at reducing the budget deficit, and it will be up to either Cameron or Miliband to convince these uncertain voters that they can manage the budget deficit in a way which is both best for the economy and for their families. If either of the two main party leaders manage this feat, then this could translate to a more convincing lead for the Conservatives or for the Labour party to take the dominant position in vote share.

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