Voting intention analysis

Anthony WellsHead of European Political and Social Research
October 27, 2010, 7:12 PM GMT+0

Our daily polling for the Sun this morning shows voting intention standing at CON 40%, LAB 38%, LIB DEM 12%. This reflects a slight uptick for the Liberal Democrats after they recorded 10% - their lowest rating for over a decade - straight after George Osborne announced his detailed spending cuts last week.

  • Support for the Coalition agreement has dipped back below 50%.
  • 48% of people support it, 43% are opposed.
  • Amongst Conservative voters 89% support the coalition, amongst Liberal Democrat voters support is slightly less overwhelming - 78% support and 18% oppose.
  • This week we have also asked about which party is best on the important issues facing the country. On immigration and crime, both issues where the Conservatives have traditionally led, the Conservatives continue to have a firm lead.
    • They are ahead of Labour by 25 points on immigration and 14 points on crime.
    • On economic questions, the Conservatives also continue to lead. They are ahead on the economy by 8 points and on taxation by 7 points.
    • On the public services issues that have historically been Labour strengths the two main parties are almost neck and neck - Labour lead on the NHS by 3 points, on education and schools by 2 points and on unemployment the two main parties are equal on 30%.
    • Monday 25th October: Survey details and full results hereTuesday 26th October: Survey details and full results here