Unwed Ed

September 28, 2010, 9:30 PM GMT+0

The British public are clearly no sticklers for tradition as our survey reveals that the majority are unbothered that Ed Miliband is the first unmarried British political leader of a mainstream party to live with his significant other.

  • 82% said it made no difference to their support (or lack thereof) of Ed whether he was married or not
  • A significantly smaller 8% of people said they were less likely to support Ed Miliband because he is not married to his partner
  • While just 4% of people said they were more likely to support him because he is not married.
  • Ed Miliband lives with his partner of five years, environmental lawyer Justine Thornton, and their 15 month old son, Daniel.

There has been some controversy over the couple’s unmarried status, and over the fact that Ed’s name does not appear on Daniel’s birth certificate because the couple have ‘not had time to fill in the form’. When questioned about their marital status, which has been discussed by some as unconventional, the new leader of the Labour Party said: ‘We’ll get around to [marriage] at some point, but I don’t think people would mind if we didn’t’. And the data shows he may be right.

The couple are expecting another child in November.

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