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Guidebook Google

Guidebook Google

Tourists clutching guidebooks may soon be a thing of the past for some, as many of our panellists tell us they turn increasingly to technology for their vacation information. When ... (Comments: 0)

  • Donation doldrums

    Low donation levels, and therefore of variety of stock, are presenting revenue problems for charity shops despite their attractive low prices, a YouGov SixthSense ... (Comments: 0)

  • Pet hate premiums

    Cost is a significant impediment to achieving wider coverage of pet insurance for British pet owners, while a proportionally high number of policy cancellations ... (Comments: 0)

  • Slippery subject

    The British public is divided over whether genetically modified food should be approved for safe human consumption, our recent poll on the controversial subject ... (Comments: 0)

  • Signs of sunset?

    The need for comprehensive travel insurance has been highlighted this year by the Icelandic volcanic eruption (pictured) and the travel chaos that ensued. The ... (Comments: 0)

  • Online and on campus

    Online promotions are the most effective way to communicate with students, a student lifestyle report conducted by and YouGov SixthSense shows. (Comments: 0)

  • Technological treatment

    The UK public expects technology to transform the way it accesses vital healthcare services by 2020, according to an online poll conducted in conjunction ... (Comments: 0)

  • Bodged Botox?

    There is major public concern over unqualified cosmetic surgery practitioners, our online poll has shown. The results come as a new online register that ... (Comments: 0)