EU should be responsible for climate change policy, say public in 4 biggest member states

Jemma ConnerResearch Manager
April 22, 2022, 10:02 AM GMT+0

People in Spain most likely to say the EU should set climate change direction

There is strong consensus among Europeans that countries should work together to tackle climate change, and any solutions will be more effective if they are multilateral.

But does this mean that Europeans think the EU is better placed to be calling the shots for member states on climate change?

The answer seems to be yes, with the number of people across six member nations surveyed far more likely to say “the EU should make decisions about how to tackle climate change on behalf of all its member nations” than to say “each nation’s government should make decisions about how to tackle climate change, independently of the EU”.

Spaniards feel most strongly that the EU should make these decisions, with 68% preferring this top-down approach, followed by Italians on 58%, most French people (55%) and half of Germans (52%).

In the Nordic nations surveyed, about half of people in Denmark (52%) and Sweden (48%) also support ceding responsibility for decision making in this area to the EU.

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