The YouGov Sleep Study: Part three - Problems with sleep

Milan DinicDirector - Content Strategy and Innovation
June 29, 2022, 8:50 AM GMT+0

This part of the Sleep Study looked into issues Britons have when it comes to sleep and whether they have been diagnosed with any problems in this area.

One in eight Britons (12%) say that every night they have problems falling asleep.

Our research shows that 41% of Britons who sleep on average less than five hours a night report having problems falling asleep every night. This is significantly higher than among those who have six hours of sleep or more, where between 5-13% report having problems falling asleep.

One in five Britons (21%) have problems falling asleep a few nights a week, while 15% experience this once or twice a week. Four in ten (42%) have issues with getting to sleep a few times a month or less often, while 8% of Britons never have any issues falling asleep.

Women are notably more likely than men to struggle to fall asleep at night: over half of women (54%) say they have problems falling asleep at least once a week, compared to 40% of men who say the same.

Do Britons ever take any sleeping tablets or any other substances that help them go to sleep?

A quarter of Britons (24%) say they take sleeping aids, including 13% who do so often or sometimes, and 11% who do so rarely.

Women (27%) are more likely to take sleeping aids than men (20%).

Among Britons who have been diagnosed with sleep problems, 69% us sleeping aids.

How often do Brits have a nightcap in order to help them sleep?

Over a third of Britons (36%) report occasionally having an alcoholic drink before bedtime to help them sleep. While 6% do so always or often, 11% do so sometimes and one in five (19%) rarely.

Older Britons are more likely to have a nightcap: 42% ever do so among those 60 and older compared to 27-36% in other age groups.

Among Britons who report being diagnosed with sleeping problems, 12% say they always or often have a nightcap to help them sleep.

Have Brits ever been diagnosed with sleep issues?

One in twelve Britons (8%) claim they have been diagnosed with sleep problems, with the most common being insomnia (5%). Among those aged 25-39, 8% say they have insomnia.

One in five (22%) report they have experienced sleep paralysis (a feeling of being conscious but unable to move). Britons aged 25-39 (28%) are the most likely to have had this experience.

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