What should you eat when you’re feeling unwell?

Isabelle KirkData Journalist
April 19, 2022, 8:26 AM GMT+0

Soup tops the list as the best remedy for Brits feeling poorly

Now that all Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted and the public are back to mask-less socialising, colds and flu are likely to rise. But if you’re unlucky enough to catch a bug, or you’re just generally feeling poorly, what should you eat to make yourself feel better?

Soup, glorious soup

We asked Britons to tell us what foods they think are best to eat when you are feeling under the weather – assuming you don’t have an illness like food poisoning that would affect your ability to eat.

The tried-and-tested soup is the most popular option, being the remedy of choice for three in ten Brits (30%). Perhaps because it has plenty of salt, electrolytes, protein and vitamins, being warming and easy to heat up if you don’t have a lot of energy. This soup-group includes 22% who don’t have a specific type of soup they enjoy when ill, 6% who would go with the traditional chicken soup, 2% who prefer tomato soup and 1% who would choose another specific type of soup.

Following closely on the heels of soup is various bread products, with 21% of Britons including toast, bread or crackers in their pick of the best thing to eat when they’re feeling unwell. Bread-based medicine is more popular with women (27% mention bread, toast or crackers) than men (just 15%).

Fruits and vegetables, while certainly being high in vitamins and minerals, are less popular than comfort foods and carbs. Just 4% of Britons would opt for fruit and veg if they’re feeling unwell.

A few Brits (4%) seem to have a sweet tooth when they’re sick – mentioning sweet foods like puddings, chocolate and ice-cream in their best remedy for feeling poorly. A further 4% say dairy products, like eggs, cheese, milk and yoghurt, are the best thing to eat when you’re unwell.

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