COVID-19: Four in ten Brits think we need a tougher lockdown

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
April 03, 2020, 12:21 PM GMT+0

Half think the measures are about right, for now

With Britain approaching its third week under lockdown, a new addition to YouGov’s daily coronavirus tracker finds that 38% of Britons believe the government restrictions are not severe enough.

Women are more likely than men to feel that restrictions should be tighter, at 41% vs 35%.

The most common view is that the measures are about right, however, with 52% of Britons satisfied that the government has taken the right approach.

Just 5% of Brits think the restrictions are too stringent.

Only one in three think that the quality of media coverage of the crisis has been good

With some journalists questioning the wisdom of allowing political correspondents – rather than health or science writers – to lead the scrutiny of the government, Brits are torn on the quality of the media coverage of the crisis so far.

Just over one in three (37%) think the quality has been good, while a similar figure believe it has been bad (32%). Another 22% fall in between, saying the coverage has been neither good nor bad.

There is a noticeable gender divide. Women are more likely than men to say it has been good by 40% to 33%, while men are more likely to think it has been bad by 37% to 28%.

Brits overwhelmingly prioritise saving lives over protecting the economy

Some voices have been calling for a lightening of the lockdown to try and protect the economy. Their pleas largely fall on deaf ears among the wider public, however.

Asked to choose between trying to save every life or protecting the economy, fully 71% of Britons chose the former while only 8% chose the latter.

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