Profiles is our segmentation and media planning tool for agencies and brands.

It is powered by our connected data vault, which holds over 230,000 data points, collected from 300,000 GB YouGov members.

Get the profile of your target audience across multi-channel data sets with greater granularity and accuracy than ever before.



Why use YouGov Profiles?

  • Profile advanced segments quickly. Understand in more depth the key differences between the satisfied and dissatisfied customers of a brand.
  • Design tailored channel strategies. Find the channels that are most likely to drive consumer interaction with brands, not simply the channels most used by consumers.
  • Plan more effective advertising campaigns. Analyse media consumption data that is collected daily, not monthly or quarterly.
  • Formulate more relevant and targeted communications. Develop propositions and messages that are unique to different segments and maximise cut-through.


Demographics and Lifestyle

Segment on a number of categories including general demographic makeup, economic situation, occupation, banks and supermarkets used, device ownership, interests, hobbies, favourite celebrities, and top music artists.

Brand Usage and Perceptions

Understand usage and perception of over 1,000 brands (in over 35 sectors) on the following core brand funnel metrics: Buzz, Attention, Quality, Value, Customer Satisfaction, Reputation, General Impression, Recommendation, Brand Awareness, Word of Mouth Exposure, Current Customer, Former Customer, Purchase Intent, Purchase Consideration and Advert Awareness.

Media Consumption

Analyse consumption of above-the-line media on a daily basis, 7 days a week. This includes TV viewing at a program (4,000+ titles collected to date) and genre (150 classifications) level, radio listenership (40+ key commercial stations), and print readership (20+ newspaper titles and 50+ magazine titles).

Digital and Mobile Behaviour

Track digital footprints and journeys by analysing in real-time (through passive tracking) websites visited, search terms queried, mobile applications used and exposure to online advertising (banners and pre-rolls).

Social Media Activity

Review social media usage and engagement including Facebook pages liked, Twitter accounts followed, brands mentioned (and exposed to) in networked conversations.

Attitudes and Opinions

Using daily attitudinal and opinion data, measure on a variety of topics including views on current issues in the news, political leanings, voting intentions and information on personal beliefs.

Latest findings from YouGov Profiles: