Children and Parents


Nowadays trends and fashions change faster than ever for all of us, but with children, what’s “hot” can go to “not” in no time at all. Sometimes it’s difficult to second-guess what children are thinking and how they perceive their world.

The YouGov Children’s Omnibus interviews a representative sample of children aged 6 to 15 on a weekly basis and enables you to do just this.

Find out children’s views of products, track effectiveness of advertising, test their knowledge and even compare their opinions to their parents.

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Sample Size500 or 1,000 GB children aged 6 to 15   Entry Fee£600
FrequencyWeekly   Cost per question500: £400, 1,000: £700
Results Delivered...500: 3 working days            1,000: 5 working days      


Questionnaire design and results analysis (by standard demographics) are included in the cost. Additional analysis available on request.


Parents Omnibus

YouGov's Parents Omnibus uses a sample of parents of children aged 18 and under, which can be useful when asking about life stage marketing, education, new product development and attitudes towards services for children.

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Sample SizeParents (sample size varies, e.g. 1,000 parents of children 18 and under)   Entry Fee£200
FrequencyDaily (Monday to Friday)   Cost per question£450 per standard question
Results Delivered...2 working days      


All research is conducted strictly in accordance within professional rules and guidelines.