Epiphany Search/Oasis Dental Care

Dentistry in the UK


The online search & PR agency Epiphany Search commissioned a UK Omnibus on behalf of their client Oasis Dental Care, in order to gather data for a report exploring the nation’s perspectives of dentistry.


The research investigated various aspects of how dentistry plays a part in the lives of UK adults and their perception towards it – how often they visit the dentist, switching dentists, wait times, and even the tooth fairy.


The key findings that were taken from this survey included;

  • 37% of UK adults who have a dentist say they have had the same dentist for longer than ten years.
  • 38% of UK adults have carried out DIY dentistry and of those a quarter gave high treatment costs are a motivator saying it was cheaper to do it themselves.

The findings supported the Oasis Dental Care National Dental Health Report 2015, which aimed to present a clear picture of the UK dentist industry in 2015 using patient insight. Epiphany and Oasis Dental Care were also able to generate further news stories from the data for public release, which helped promote the report and to support its key findings.

About the client

Epiphany Search is an award-winning UK-based digital agency specialising in SEO.

Oasis Dental Care, founded in 1996, specialises in dental and cosmetic treatments and has over 360 practices across the UK.