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The Dream Tube



A luxury hotel branch, with a vested interest in their guests’ travelling experience in the UK capital, commissioned YouGov to take a sneaky peek at what Londoners thought about the Tube.


Through the London Omnibus, over 1,000 Londoners were polled to investigate various aspects of travelling on the London underground, from overcrowding and travelling times, to tube etiquette and passenger bug bears.


Research showed that the London Underground has done very well in terms of generating good tube etiquettes amongst travellers. Over half (58%) of Londoners say that letting people off the train first is the most important piece of tube propriety.  As well as this, rudeness and offensive language aren’t well tolerated; almost a quarter of brave adults (24%) say they’d be most likely to speak up if a passenger was being rude to someone else, or if a passenger was using bad language (10%).

Aside from tube etiquette, Londoners grumble about overcrowding on trains, with 1 in 10 (12%) saying it’s important to move down inside the train carriage.  A particular pet peeve was passengers who block the aisles and cross their legs when sitting down on the train.

One strong consensus (63%) shows Londoners favouring the need for a Night Tube. A wish which was partially granted, with the Central and Victoria lines beginning the long awaited 24-hour weekend service “Night Tube” in August 2016. 

About the client

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