Keep Scotland Beautiful


Communications Agency, a PR agency based in Scotland, commissioned work using the YouGov Scottish Omnibus service on behalf of their client Keep Scotland Beautiful – a charity that actively campaigns and educates on a wide-range of environmental issues.


The research looked to investigate the scale of Scotland’s litter problem and its impact on local environments. While the majority of Scottish adults said that they have never dropped litter (79%), many said they had witnessed people littering (65%). Interestingly, respondents were quite evenly split on whether the levels of littering had improved (20%) or had gotten worse (17%) in their local area over the last two years, with 56% saying this had remained about the same.


The results were used as part of a report, highlighting the importance of taking action to improve the quality of Scotland’s local environment. The findings showed that the quality of Scotland’s environment had declined, and that there was a real risk of accelerated decline as a result of financial cuts being made to key local environment services. 

About the client

Keep Scotland Beautiful is a charity that campaigns, acts and educates on a range of local, national and global issues to change behaviour and improve the quality of people's lives and the places they care for.