Exploring the car purchase process


Impression, a digital marketing agency working on behalf of Carsnip, the car buying search engine, wanted to get next day insight to publicise an innovative new analytics platform for car dealers.


Together, Carsnip and Impression used YouGov to explore the car purchase process among UK adults. This included how buyers went about looking for a new car, who they most valued for advice and how easy they found it to access useful information online.


The survey found that 63% of car buyers went to a dealer in person before buying their last car. However, 18-24’s were a lot less likely to do this (just 31% did so last time they bought). These younger buyers were the most likely age group to have asked friends or family for advice before buying their last car (56% of this group did this, compared to just 13% of 55 and overs).

Impression used their expertise and YouGov’s research brand to get the intelligent car search platform some great press coverage. The survey also founded the basis of Carsnip’s 2016 Car Buyers Census, which shows how car buyers are changing the ways they research, find and buy cars.

About the client

Impression is an award-winning digital marketing agency with over 30 years’ combined experience in digital marketing, for a wide range of clients and sectors. Using YouGov’s nationwide Omnibus, they researched 2,000 adults on behalf of Carsnip, the car buying search engine.