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September 01, 2010, 12:35 AM GMT+0

50% of UK consumers think that going to the cinema has become too expensive, YouGov SixthSense research into the leisure industry reveals. The report into the leisure industry also charts the success of 'Orange Wednesdays', outlining its impressive take up rate amongst cinema goers in the UK.

37% of those respondents who have been to the cinema in the past 6 months say that they have taken advantage of the promotional offer available to all Orange customers and their friends. Orange Wednesdays allows Orange account holders to buy two tickets for the price of one every Wednesday at a number of cinema franchises including Odeon and Vue. Movie-goers aged 16-24 are the most likely to opt for Orange’s mid-week offer with 55% claiming to have done so.

Meanwhile, film fans eager to avoid additional expense have shunned the premium seating option now offered by many major outlets. Only 1 in 5 adults in the UK (22%) have paid for the ‘enhanced’ cinema experience of more luxurious and better situated seating.

However despite rising costs, particularly with the introduction of 3D, 27% of cinema-goers admit that going to the cinema is a great way to escape the problems of the modern world.

In attempts to avoid unnecessary costs associated with cinema-going, consumers are more frequently buying snacks before entering the cinema. 34% of respondents will bring their own sweets to the cinema, compared to nine percent who will buy sweets at the cinema.

However, consumers are still drawn to traditional cinema offerings such as tubs of fresh popcorn and voluminous cups of fizzy drinks. 1 in 3 consumers buy sweet popcorn at the cinema, while its salty equivalent is chosen by 1 in 5. Fizzy drinks are purchased at the cinema by 36% of viewers with an additional 19% buying theirs before entering the cinema.

Research Director for YouGov SixthSense, James McCoy, commented on the snacking trends of cinema goers: 'Fizzy drinks in cinemas are generally perceived as overly expensive but consumers are still choosing them over store bought items. People go elsewhere to buy their mineral water for cinema consumption [25% versus 11%], but not fizzy drinks. It is likely that drink/popcorn "combos" make it more convenient to buy fizzy drinks in-house – if you are already buying a bucket of popcorn or a drink you don’t have to spend a lot to add the other to your purchase.'

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