Amazon stands tall

June 01, 2010, 8:25 PM GMT+0

Online retailer is proving popular among TellYouGov users, or ’tyggers’, as its volume score records a high 89 points, an increase of 43 in the last 24 hours. With an impressive sentiment score of 89 to boot, Amazon is the highest scoring, most positively-viewed non-political topic on the leaderboard.

The American-based multinational company, which sells everything from books, DVDs and CDs to electronics and from clothes to power tools, is receiving high praise indeed, with some calling it ‘the best internet shopping company’, and one even heralding it as ‘unbeatable’.

As well as complimenting Amazon in general, many are impressed by the company’s reliability. One tygger described it as ‘consistently reliable’ and another satisfied customer said that Amazon ‘has never let me down’. Another spoke for many by saying it was ‘simply the best’.

The few negative tygs focused on delivery costs and the online retailer’s dominance over high street stores, with one commenting ‘delivery has rarely been free’ and another saying that the online store is helping ‘make bookshops go bust’.

But positive tygs abound, and one of the most popular aspects of the company seems to be its customer service. One tygger described it as ‘fab and friendly’, and its complaint handling was called ‘excellent’ by one user. Yet another celebrated the ‘swift problem resolution’, while one particularly happy shopper said ‘this company has excellent customer service; nothing is too much trouble. I wish all companies could follow their example’.

It seems Amazon is onto a winning streak, with one tygger simply asking ‘how could we live without them?’

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