Starbucks divides opinion

April 13, 2010, 6:16 PM GMT+0

Starbucks, one of the largest and most successful coffee companies in the world with 16,635 stores in 49 countries (including outlets in such places as Serbia, Romania, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE) has divided opinion on the latest TellYouGov leaderboard, presenting a perfect example of the way in which TellYouGov can tap into the public opinion on just about anything – well known brands being an excellent place to start.

For instance, on the April 6th, the coffee giant recorded a score of -13, which indicates a feeling of negative opinion amongst the general public. This is reflected in many of the sentiments, or ‘tygs’ we’ve been receiving which amounts to 53 negative sentiments in the last 30 days. Criticisms largely revolve around Starbucks’s prices, with one user, or ‘tygger’ describing the Seattle based coffee chain as ‘overpriced’ and another opining that ‘they are a franchise and rip you off’.

Other negative sentiments centre around Starbucks’s ethical approach, which comes after various high profile environmental and sourcing controversies, and a perception that the brand’s aggressive expansion has forced local independent coffee houses to close. One tygger stated that they ‘don't like the chain taking over so many shops and putting smaller franchises out of business’ and another described Starbucks as an ‘awful generic independent business killer’.

However, not all the tygs we’ve been receiving are negative. 60 people have expressed positive sentiments about the ubiquitous outlets in the last 30 days. One respondent stated that ‘quality justifies the cost’ and another tygged that they provide ‘excellent, friendly service’.
With such a divide in opinion, it appears that the coffee giant is not everyone’s cup of tea (sorry...we couldn’t resist) and still remains very much an acquired taste.

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