Majority think BA strike ‘unjustified’

March 18, 2010, 11:17 PM GMT+0

The majority of people (59%) think that the renewed decision by cabin staff of British Airways to strike is unjustified, a new survey undertaken by the Sun newspaper has revealed.

The strike, organised by the union Unite, is the result of disagreement over working conditions, pay cuts and how best to cut costs. This BA strike comes following the failed plans to strike of December last year. Perhaps because of the union’s traditional support for Labour, support for the strike is slightly higher among Labour voters, with 28% of these stating that this new decision to strike is justified compared to just 15% of Conservative voters who believe this is the case.

While the strike has previously found support, the latest decision has been condemned by Gordon Brown as ‘deplorable’, and these survey results suggest that the general public is also becoming increasingly impatient with the travel chaos and uncertainty that comes with continued striking.

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