How do you like your popcorn?

June 15, 2012, 11:12 AM GMT+0

For many of us, a trip to the cinema is not complete without munching through a tub of popcorn – but is your preference a sweet and sticky, or salted snack?

A recent YouGov public opinion poll found that 46% of Britons like sweet best, against 15% who favour salted popcorn.

And when we asked Labs participants for their choice, sweet came out on top again. Salty was not far behind – and a mixture of the two was also a fairly popular option.

We asked why people prefer the different flavours, and were met with some fairly strong opinions!

  • Both camps seemed equally unaccepting of their opposite choices, with a common theme being ‘it doesn’t make sense to have sweet/salty popcorn!’
  • A few participants said that sweet popcorn better satisfies their sweet tooth, whilst salted popcorn lovers said they usually prefer savoury food in general.
  • Participants who like a mixture of both thought that it can be nice to have sweet popcorn as a treat, but slated popcorn as more of a regular snack. One person even said it depends on the film genre!

So, which is your pick? Sweet or salted popcorn? Tell us here!

Q: How do you like your Popcorn?

“I prefer sweet!”

“Salted popcorn is just nasty, it’s probably as result of always having the sweet one as a childDarren, Bracknell

“I have a really big sweet tooth so it satisfies my sugar cravings. Too much salt makes me thirsty” Jenny, Western Isles

“I enjoy salt on many foods but I find salt on sweet foods rather disgusting, and I classify popcorn as sweet foodAnon

“It's more of a treat when it's sweetAnon

I have never tasted salted popcorn, it just doesn't appeal. I like the sweet, crunchy taste of sweet popcornJackie S, Teddington

“I love toffee flavour. It takes me back to happy timesMosicle, Staffordshire

Salted is just wrongAnon

“Prefer sweet as I try to limit my salt intake and salty popcorn makes me thirsty” Lin T, Stafford

“I have always been brought up believing that popcorn should have a sweet taste-also we consume too much salt as it is without ingesting more” Sandokan, Skegness

“I prefer salted!”

“I just find the concept of sweet popcorn disturbing and a bad mix” Anon

“It's a healthy snack – putting sugar with it makes it less so and is bad for your teeth!” Anon

“In general I favour savoury snacks, and that extends to popcorn too. Plus, it has more flavour than the sweet stuff which just lacks any oomph in my opinionDaniel W, Dumfries

“It's absolutely delicious, and goes better with drink. Genuinely staggered to see how many more people prefer sweet, I can't understand itDavid B, Slough

I used to like sweet as a kid, but as my taste buds matured ‘sweet’ became sticky and syrupy tasting, and salt developed more depth of flavour” Dee D, Yorkshire

“I like the buttery, salty taste whereas the sweet can be a bit sicklyAnon

I am diabetic so it is a healthy optionJohn, Swanage

“It's savoury – so you don't feel sick after eating a whole bagAnon

Salted popcorn at cinemas is fresh, sweet is long life and comes ready bagged up so can be sitting in a store room for months before you eat it!” Anon

“I like a mixture!”

“I love sweet popcorn in the cinema and salted popcorn at home!” Sarah, Sussex

“It’s easier to make salted popcorn at home using real kernels, buying popcorn readymade I tend to go for the sweet stuff for a difference” Anon

Depends on the mood but my absolute favourite is cheese flavoured” Jane H, London

Plain, or salted popcorn (excluding buttered popcorn) feels like a 'healthier' snack which could be eaten often, whereas sweetened popcorn is a treat, and should only be eaten now and again” Anon

“Depends entirely on which taste I feel like. Usually has something to do with the mood of the film, for example, a comedy is more for sweet popcornAnon

Sweet popcorn is more suitable as a treat and enjoyed in moderation (such as going to the cinema) and salted is more of a snack for around the house” Demi, North Wales

So, which is your pick? Sweet or salted popcorn? Tell us here!

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