What’s the ideal shape for a Chicken McNugget?

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
October 28, 2019, 9:17 AM GMT+0

YouGov conducts this year’s most important poultry poll

Most people will never stop to contemplate the shape of a Chicken McNugget, but McDonald’s has certainly put a lot of thought into it. The company claims to have discovered “the perfect equilibrium of dipability and fun”.

They come in four shapes, all of which have an official name: the Ball, Bell, Bone and Boot. Just for fun, a new YouGov RealTime survey reveals which are most popular.

The Boot is the firm favourite, scooping up 36% of the vote, and proving more popular than the next two shapes – the Bone (22%) and Bell (13%) – combined. The Ball is the least favourite, at only 7%.

Women are much more likely to have a favourite McNugget shape than men, at 83% versus 72%. They’re bigger fans of the Bell (+8 compared to men) and Boot (+5), and less likely to like the Ball (-4).

The results are drawn from the quarter of Britons say they like Chicken McNuggets either a great deal (8%) or a fair amount (16%). Young Brits in particular are fans, with half saying they like them.

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