YouGov/Vogue Business Report 2011

July 04, 2011, 7:32 PM GMT+0

British, female glossy magazine readers lead the way when it comes to new technology usage, the Vogue Business Report 2011, undertaken by YouGov, has found. Readers are three times more likely than non-readers to purchase the newest digital devices as soon as they come to market, and a third more likely than the average woman to acquire digital products soon after they are launched, while magazine readers regularly consume content via a multitude of platforms, from print editions to website content to smartphone apps.

  • 77% of glossy magazine readers use magazine websites at least once a month
  • 58% are regular users of glossy magazine websites, with more than 29% using these sites at least once a week
  • 7% are reading glossy magazine websites every day
  • Magazine website usage is up 40% amongst all women in the last two years, up by 43% amongst readers of the super glossies, and by 46% for Vogue readers
  • Just 6% of women in our survey say that they only read a glossy magazine in print, with more than three quarters consuming magazine branded content across multiple platforms
  • 22% access magazine content via apps
  • 17% of our sample read glossy magazines AND magazine websites AND access magazine apps AND consume digital editions of magazines

The findings also highlight that in today’s multiplatform world, women recognise that print magazines and websites serve very different purposes, while complementing each other.

  • 94% of those questioned love having ‘a magazine moment’ where they can relax with the print version of a magazine
  • 82% of the total sample polled believe magazine websites will never replace print magazines
  • 84% of respondents find inspiration in print magazines, while using magazine websites for research
  • 76% of Vogue readers use magazine websites to stay updated between new issues of the magazine going on sale

Stephen Quinn, Publishing Director of Vogue, commented on the report, saying ‘Magazines remain an inspiring part of consumers’ lives. Where once it were imagined that digital might kill print, it has instead heightened the level of engagement the reader has with her magazine of choice.’

The survey questioned 2,447 women aged 20 to 54 who read at least one of the key glossies (Vogue, Elle, Tatler, Harpers, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, InStyle, Grazia) regularly, while regular readers of Red, Stylist and Sunday Times Style were also monitored.