Ad of the month – iPhone 7

October 11, 2016, 3:35 PM GMT+0

We assess which brand's advert achieved the best awareness levels last month

Apple launched the iPhone 7 to much fanfare and YouGov's BrandIndex shows that it showed the greatest uplift in people noticing its ads in September.

The brand's Ad Awareness score (which asseses whether someone saw an advert from the brand in the previous fortnight) jumped sharply among the general public, increasing by 12 points over the course of the month.

Looking specifically among current iPhone customers, the increase is even greater. Since the beginning of the month, its score has risen by 16 points among this group. This is perhaps not surprising given our recent analysis showed that many people buying one of the new devices will already be Apple customers.

However, it has not all been good news for the tech giant. The major innovation in its new device is the use of wireless headphones, which will cost around £160. The development has divided opinion, with some believing it is unnecessary, pricey, or both. This was reflected in a fall in the brand's Value score last month. Among current customers it declined by 5 points, while it fell by 7 among the population at large.

Apple had also recently hit the headlines due to its its tax affairs, although our research showed that, despite the public picking up on the story, it didn't have much impact on the number of people considering purchasing the brand, especially among existing owners.

But regardless of this, the marketing for the iPhone 7 has been successful in gaining cut-through, and its loyal customers are more than likely to stay with the brand irrespective of any adverse press.

Although, whether users get to grips with its latest tech developments is a different story, however.

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