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October 11, 2010, 10:14 PM GMT+0

Tourists clutching guidebooks may soon be a thing of the past for some, as many of our panellists tell us they turn increasingly to technology for their vacation information.

When we asked around 1000 respondents what gadgets they use before and during their holidays, it appears that many use the internet and phone ‘apps’, rather than sticking exclusively to guidebooks, to check out their destination in advance, make bookings and plan their itinerary.

  • Almost all respondents say that they Google their destination before their trip.
  • Many use Google Maps, AA Route Planner and ‘sat nav (satellite navigation or GPS, often in cars)’ to navigate their way to and around their destinations.
  • Booking accommodation online is a popular option, with, Expedia, and TripAdvisor all used by our respondents.
  • The FCO website is cited as a good source of information on travel health and safety.
  • Online message boards and forums are often used by people to get tips from other travellers, with specifically designed sights such as and proving popular places to exchange advice and experiences.

Many respondents say they use the internet primarily because of its ‘live’ nature, which allows travellers to get ‘up to date’ reviews and information more easily than from guidebooks, which, many fear, are often obsolete within weeks or months of publication.

Internet info?

However, other respondents enjoy the ease of a guidebook, as they have ‘all the information in one place’ and ‘don’t need an internet connection’ to be accessed.

Some even sidestep the Internet and guidebooks altogether, preferring the personal approach to holidaying, recommending: ‘just ask friends and family for advice’.

What people are saying about using gadgets on holiday

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