Online and on campus

September 24, 2010, 11:17 PM GMT+0

Online promotions are the most effective way to communicate with students, a student lifestyle report conducted by and YouGov SixthSense shows.

  • 86% of UK students turn to online vouchers when looking for information on the latest deals and products offered by companies.
  • Campaigns centred around a specific offer are also likely to receive a higher response rate
  • A survey conducted in March 2010 found that 94% of respondents expected companies to provide special offers for students.

The report also shows that students are becoming more receptive to email marketing.

  • Many students still engage with email marketing
  • 57% of students get information on deals from emails sent by voucher and offer websites
  • A further 38% source deals from email newsletters sent directly from the companies themselves
  • 48% of UK students say that the number of emails they read from companies has gone up. This is the case because students know that special offers and deals are likely to be included in the emails.

Commenting on the results, James Eder, Commercial Director of said, 'Students are more Internet-savvy that any other consumer group and it is no surprise that they are responding to email marketing campaigns and online vouchers. However, brands need to ensure that their messaging is targeting young people effectively - the research shows that over half of students think that most emails they receive from companies are irrelevant to them.'

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