NPS and Connected Data

February 11, 2020, 12:09 PM GMT+0

Connecting the data dots to add meaning and understanding to the NPS metric.

It matters whether consumers would recommend your brand. It’s a litmus test for whether they think you’re doing a good job (or not!).

Consumer recommendations are an earned media channel. There is little point in investing large amounts of money in paid media if your earned media is failing you. You need to address it and plan it like other media. Recommendation determines reputations. Reputation matters. It is right that corporations take their Net Promoter Scores® (NPS®)* very seriously. They should. There is a problem though. NPS scores are often an isolated stand-alone metric. To be understood, they need to be connected to a myriad of other factors.

In this white paper YouGov demonstrates how combining the most important single measurement of a brand’s health - the NPS - with connected data (BrandIndex and Profiles) gives businesses not just a measure of recommendation; but critical insight on how to change it. Our extensive analysis includes 30 brands across four countries.

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