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YouGov Profiles data has fused with TouchPoints to allow greater audience understanding and media planning from one unprecedented data set.

The data fusion combines unparalleled granular data from Profiles, YouGov’s connected data set for audience profiling and segmentation, with unique diarised insight from the only industry-available cross-media channel planner: TouchPoints.

The new research offering gives users the ability to identify their target audience with unrivalled depth and detail with the rich data set of YouGov Profiles through the lens of seven-day diarised behavioural insight across location, people, activities, media, emotion and mood from TouchPoints. The fusion means subscribers of both data sets can now identify, describe, plan and buy the perfect media campaign audience from one unique data source.

Benefits include:

  • A richer portrait of audiences with access to hundreds of thousands of data variables linked with seven-day diarised cross-media behaviour
  • The ability to identify more bespoke audiences and the best media and timings to engage them
  • Continuously updated connected data enabling faster planning
  • A larger data pool from two trusted and powerful data sets
  • Streamlined campaign execution from one data source
  • Media investment with greater confidence

Commenting on the fusion, Andy Morris, Chief Innovation Officer at YouGov said: “The combination of unparalleled connected data from YouGov Profiles with diarised cross media behaviour from TouchPoints will enable clients to find and buy their ideal audiences using one unprecedented data set.

We’re delighted to work with the IPA to offer this to clients who for many years have been benefiting from the power of Profiles and TouchPoints separately and now have the ability to utilise the enhanced advantages of both data sets combined.”

Dan Flynn of the IPA added: “More and more agencies are using YouGov Profiles data in the planning process, so at the request of our member agencies, the IPA commissioned fusion experts RSMB to integrate Profiles data into the TouchPoints dataset.

The new dataset will allow subscribers of TouchPoints and Profiles to analyse a wide variety of YouGov data through the lens of the TouchPoints time, media and mood data. It will mean for example that users can understand when current customers of a particular brand are doing different activities, feeling different emotions and consuming different media types.

The fusion will enable planners and strategists to use these two key datasets in a simple and seamless way via their bureaux system or integrated into their own tools.”

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