The dawn of the connected home

August 10, 2018, 7:01 AM GMT+0

YouGov current and future analysis of the smart home market.

Smart home devices are becoming ever more present in UK households. Penetration has reached almost a quarter (23%) with smart speakers (11%) leading the way.

However, more than three quarters (77%) do not currently own any device so there is still room for brands to greatly expand their market share.

Due to major advertising campaigns and media reporting, the public are most familiar with smart speakers and their accompanying digital voice assistants, but other appliances are also gaining ground.

The insights in this paper have been put together by digital, media, and technology specialists within YouGov’s custom research team, supplemented by data from brand tracking tool YouGov BrandIndex and audience segmentation tool YouGov Profiles.

It explores the public’s perception of smart devices, the degree of success brands have had in encouraging take-up of various appliances, and to what extent those who don’t currently own a smart device can be converted.

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