Share customer insights with supply chain team to deliver best possible CX

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September 03, 2021, 12:51 PM GMT+0

Employees in supply chain can be empowered with insights to deliver considerably improved services, thereby improving customer experience (CX).

Despite CX investments benefitting supply chain, it’s frequently disregarded when it comes to forming cross-functional CX teams. The article contends, supply chain should be included as a core part of CX, and they should be allowed to have some “skin in the game” to improve CX performance.

57% of supply chain execs expect CX investments to help optimise cost, according to Gartner. Also, strengthening top-level coordination through “bottom-up” activities can help supply chain employees see how their role affects consumers.

For Lenovo, a collaborative approach in improving CX resulted in a 6% YoY increase in products delivered on or before the claimed delivery date. Brands can correlate CX investments to outcomes by giving supply chain a voice in CX leadership.

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