Approach TikTok as a consumer

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February 11, 2021, 9:43 AM GMT+0

With the United Kingdom still being under lockdown, young consumers are bored and looking for entertainment on social platforms.

UK retailers can use TikTok to engage young consumers and expand their audience base. But, marketers should approach this short-form video platform as a consumer and not as advertisers. Unlike other platforms, TikTok content works best when they are spontaneous, imperfect and natural.

The spontaneous and imperfect nature makes TikTok videos different and more “addictive” than other polished social content. While working with TikTok creators, brands can expect creators to have fun with the brand logos, fonts, jingles and colours to make “silly”, trending and entertaining video content. 

TikTok, being a user-focused social platform, offers opportunities for light-hearted, playful brands to engage with Gen Z effectively. However, marketers should avoid partnering with celebrities or influencers with a high follower count. Instead, they should collaborate with authentic content creators. 

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