US consumers prefer DIY service options

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February 10, 2021, 3:14 AM GMT+0

44% of US consumers prefer to resolve more tech issues themselves compared to pre-pandemic times due to safety concerns, as per a TechSee study.

According to the report, consumers prefer DIY options, as they are still uncomfortable allowing technical support personnel into their homes. Technician assistance was required by 65% of consumers during the pandemic, the same percentage of people would rather avoid technician visits, unless necessary.

Even after the pandemic is over, 42% of consumers say they would prefer remote support over technician’s visits. If a technician’s assistance is required, 60% of consumers expect the visit to be brief.

Businesses assuring adherence to safety measures like wearing a mask can leverage the rising DIY service calls. Support through online channels like YouTube or other remote options can help businesses improve customer loyalty and support.

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