Newsletters must have a unique focus

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February 10, 2021, 8:31 AM GMT+0

Brands can foster consumer trust and drive leads by offering newsletters that focus on audience needs.

Before designing branded newsletters, marketers should identify what their brand cares about, what their audience cares about, and what unique perspective and information they can offer. Marketers should make sure their newsletters provide a unique perspective and fresh knowledge while aligning brand values with audience needs. 

Brands should leverage the art and science of storytelling and design their newsletters with a unique focus and a clear value proposition. Instead of pushing sales through newsletters, marketers should consider teaching readers something new and exciting. However, they should maintain consistency in their email newsletters to foster consumer trust.

Marketers can encourage customers and prospects to sign up for email newsletters via website popups or sharing newsletters on social platforms. Adding a unique and clear CTA can help marketers improve newsletter conversions.

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