Leverage social commerce to boost sales

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February 10, 2021, 2:49 AM GMT+0

Brands must incorporate social media trends into their marketing strategies to improve consumer interactions.

As consumers looked for authentic connections amid the pandemic, social content grew and the shift towards digital platforms accelerated among PR and marketing professionals. With the pandemic impacting consumers’ lives, shift towards social commerce, videos, and active listening grew significantly.

Social commerce has enabled consumers to communicate and shop online at the same time and is anticipated to become a new retail channel. Marketers can promote organic and paid content to tailored audiences and drive sales with business-friendly social accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Further, with the rise of video consumption on TikTok and Instagram, businesses would do well to create compelling short videos, live streams, and more to boost engagement. Active listening on digital channels lets brands balance between reactive and proactive social content and craft personalised messages.

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